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Welcome   January 16, 2018
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Premium membership gives you instant access to all of the premium research & premium toolkit features on our website.
Here are some of the benefits you'll get:
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From market outlooks, to sector & style allocations, to individual stock picks - we provide you with a comprehensive guide to making investments in the market. The package of research includes:

Weekly Insight, with m100 top trades & holdings [ sample ]
daily Stock Information [ eg INTC ]

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Manage a virtual portfolio with $1M, with the chance to become a paid member of the m100.

Along with your free membership to marketocray, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade to a Premium Membership.


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The Premium Toolkit is another benefit of a Premium Membership. These enhanced portfolio tracking tools have been previously only available to professional money managers, and give you a more indepth look into your portfolio, beyond the fantastic set of reports already available to you in your Basic Toolkit (part of your free membership).

Performance Attribution
This report breaks down your fund’s performance to tell you which parts of your return came from market factors such as skillful stock picking, sector or style drift, and returns or losses due to trading. The graph and expectations are in depth, but well worth the time it takes to analyze them.

For more information about Performance Attribution, please read this article.

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Stratification Plus
A super-charged version of your fund’s current stratification report complete with fundamental data for each stock, information on the m100’s trading activity on your stocks, and more.

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ValueForum is the premier online investment discussion and collaboration community for serious value and income investors. With over 125 discussion topics, a stock ratings system with over 1000 rated stocks, quarterly and year-long stock picking contests, group polls, shared portfolios, a group calendar system, and other online collaboration tools, membership at VF lets you tap into a stream of investment ideas and discussions from extraordinarily sharp individual investors just like yourself, and test your own ideas against peer review by the community.